Herbal Medicine


Consultations and Protocol for Overall Vitality and Wellbeing

My desire for our work together is to guide you through a healing process created to bring you in deeper relationship to your body and creativity.. Through our work together I will assist you in your journey toward health, wholeness, creative liberation, and optimal vitality. It is everyone's right to wake up feeling purposeful and able to engage fully with the day at hand, and it is my honor to be able to work with clients in order to help them achieve this optimal life force. We will address your state of health through a comprehensive intake consult, which will inform my development of a protocol fit to your lifestyle that may address lifestyle shifts, ritual suggestions, food care, and herbal allies to use through specific formulations. 

What is included in this session: 

1) One intake form that helps you to evaluate your current state of health, vitality, creativity, and relationship to your body 

2) A 1.5-2 hour initial consult that reviews your health history, primary health concerns, body constitution, physical patterns in the body, family health history, current relationship to your body, the health and function of your organ systems, any lifestyle transitions, daily life and ritual practices, practices of care, your unique goals for yourself and your future, and more, to help get a well-rounded understanding of this particular moment in time

3) 3-5 hours of work, on my end, to develop a written protocol for you that includes 8-10 pieces of information with lifestyle, diet, ritual, herbal, and supplement (if applicable) recommendations

4) One 30 minute follow up consult to review the protocol in depth. 

All of the above is included in a sliding scale price of $60-$150. Please let me know if this is still out of your budget, and we can formulate a plan for working together.