Herbal Consultation

To address health, healing, wholeness, and creativity

  • 2 hours
  • Starting at $30.00
  • Online session

Service Description

This consultation utilizes my training in both folk and clinical herbalism as well as breathwork and somatic psychology to support the body toward a state of equilibrium in order to encourage and liberate the vital force of creativity. I believe that the body is the epicenter of that life force, and our creativity is an expression of our alive-ness. My goal is to collaborate with and provide tools for people to be able to support and navigate the healing resources already located in their bodies. Often our inability to really hear that part of us has origins in a physical imbalance in the body, so I'm very interested in working from the inside-out, taking a look at physical and systemic concerns/sensations to connect them to one's experience of their life. Though this has become a primary focus of my practice as an herbalist, I am also able and happy to address any other health concerns physical, mental, spiritual, social, etc through the use of plant medicine and lifestyle adjustments. We begin this work with an initial 1.5-2 hour intake (most often it is closer to 2, but if that sounds overwhelming you can let me know and I will adjust). You will be asked to fill out a rather extensive set of questions prior to our meeting that will facilitate our conversation. This intake will give me the bulk of the information that I need to formulate medicine for you and also to develop a protocol to address your primary concerns. This protocol will include lifestyle adjustments, suggestions for diet to best support your vitality, herbal interactions and relationships you might want to build on, ritual practices, etc. We will have a follow up meeting to review the protocol and answer any questions/concerns you may have. I love to work with clients on a consistent basis if possible, as I think an herbal practice is a bit like acupuncture -- you go in for one thing, and find that you can often keep adjusting as your life does. It is important to me to be on the journey with you, should you wish to take this step in your life journey, so I will remain available for questions, etc. You will receive your protocol within a week of our initial consultation, and one medicine is included in the consultation fee, minus the cost of shipping.

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